Recap Rolla: September 2016

I’m currently writing this from a hotel airport – I’m heading out to Moncton, New Brunswick in a couple hours, so I’ll try to keep things brief! When I first sat down to [...]

Happy #WorldTourismDay

Five years ago, I decided to quit my traditional full-time job as a video producer to focus on my own creative endeavours, travel the world, and spend more time in my pyjamas. It hasn’t [...]

Thailand: The Best of Contiki

It’s the trip that started it all: in November 2013, back before I was a full-blown travel video producer, I was invited by Contiki to participate in a Canadian influencer trip to Thailand, [...]

5 Incredibly Turnt Recorder Solos

The recorder. What was once an instrument of torture in grade school has now become an integral – and iconic – addition to any gunnarolla work. It started out innocently enough, [...]

Travel Stories, Vol. 1

Gather ’round, children – it’s story time! Here are 6 of my most memorable travel stories that happened (mostly) off-camera. Content warning: poop, puke, alcohol use Squats My [...]