Andrew Gunadie, aka gunnarolla, is a music & video producer based in Canada who travels the world.

Andrew has achieved international popularity thanks to his ability to combine authenticity, humour, and high production quality in his work, evident in self-produced viral hits such as Canadian, PleaseThe Comic Sans Song, and his various travelogue series produced around the world, from Japan to Egypt. He has collaborated with and hosted series for many iconic brands, and is a trusted producer of digital content. With millions of views on YouTube, a #1-selling album on iTunes (S*X, 2014), and the Digi Award for “Digital Personality of the Year” (2013), Andrew is a skilled and experienced host, musician, and storyteller – an expert at creating high-quality, engaging, and authentic content that is always #MadeInTheMoment. Andrew is more than a social media influencer – the impact that he has had on his viewers shows that he is truly influential.

Early Life

Andrew was born in London, Canada to immigrant Indonesian-Chinese parents. He studied in Canada at French language schools until the end of high school and took interest in music an early age, enrolling at Yamaha Music School where he mastered keyboard instruments and composition, and performed across Canada as part of the Junior Original Concert (JOC) program. His family would later take ownership of the school, where Andrew served in the dual role of administrator and instructor throughout the duration of his post-secondary studies. Several of his own students went on to perform their own original compositions around Canada as part of the JOC program.

Andrew began experimenting with video production in high school, teaching himself how to shoot and edit. As the communications officer and later president of his student council, he was tasked with creating films to be premiered at a monthly school assembly. He was also part of Junior Achievement, a mentorship program for young entrepreneurs, and was the co-founder of a video production company.

Education & Work Experience

Andrew went on to study media and production at Western University & Fanshawe College, graduating from a competitive collaborative program with a degree in media & cultural studies, a diploma in television broadcasting, and a certificate in writing. Throughout University, he was active in CAISA Fashion Show, serving as the video director for three years. His first industry experience was in post-production on Canada’s Next Top Model, having impressed the executive of post-production with his reel.

Andrew worked as an editor on several Canadian television productions before taking on the role of Senior Multimedia Coordinator at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and originating their in-house video production department. His notable achievements at TIFF include launching TIFF’s YouTube channel and producing a wide variety of audio-visual content for web, cinema, and exhibition galleries, working alongside some of the top artistic talent in Canada, Hollywood, and the world.

Although he left his role at TIFF to focus on his own creative endeavours and travel aspirations, he continued to work with the organization, producing video content for a multi-channel video installation for David Cronenberg: Evolution, producing & hosting a curated 12-hour screening called Like/Comment/Subscribe, and hosting a daily Facebook Live show during the 2016 edition of the Festival.

Andrew has continued to grow his profile as a host. He was the star of Hard Rock Café’s World Burger Tour food & travel series, he travelled across East Asia with Tastemade for the series ‘One For the Road’, and was also the host and producer of Kellogg’s #KraveThrills, a campaign in which he accompanied teenagers on their ultimate thrill, from white-water rafting to ghost-hunting. He has also hosted live red carpet shows for The JUNO Awards and Cirque du Soleil.


Over the past ten years, Andrew has built a strong brand and cultivated a loyal international following primarily through his YouTube channel, and various tours and appearances. Although it’s clear that Andrew enjoys experimenting with form, his most enduring work has been rooted in music and travel stories.

He is well-known for comedy music videos – Canadian, PleaseThe Comic Sans Song, and Circle Foods to name a few – though his repertoire spans a diverse spectrum of topics and musical genres. As a musician, he has been a co-headliner in tours across Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, England, and Germany. Andrew independently produces and performs on the majority of his releases. His music is available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, TIDAL, Spotify, and all major digital stores and streaming services.

In recent years, Andrew has become very active in the travel world. As a video producer, he has served as a brand ambassador for Contiki and partnered with various brands and tourism boards to tell stories around the world. Andrew is a spontaneous traveller, an adventurous eater, and he is able to make friends seemingly anywhere he goes. He can produce stories that are authentic, inspirational, and occasionally comedic and poignant. His collaboration with Canadian Geographic, a piece on Moncton, gathered a lot of positive attention in New Brunswick, due to these reasons. Andrew doesn’t just show off places, he makes an effort to connect with people and to tell real stories.

Andrew has been as a featured guest and speaker at VidCon, Playlist Live, Buffer Festival, VloggerFair, and NXNE. Check out our media kit for more information about Andrew’s work.


  • BA (Hons) Media, Information & Technoculture, Western University
  • Certificate in Writing, Western University
  • Diploma in Television Broadcasting, Fanshawe College
  • JMC/YMC Teaching Certification, Yamaha Music Education System

Work experience

  • Producer/Editor/Composer, gunnarolla
  • Senior Multimedia Producer, Toronto International Film Festival
  • Administrator/Music Instructor, Yamaha Music School
  • Editor, Bite TV
  • Post-Production Assistant, Temple Street Productions
  • Post-Production Assistant, Dufferin Gate Productions

Music releases

  • #22songs (2012)
  • As Heard on YouTube, Vol. 1 (2013)
  • S*X (2014)
  • As Heard on YouTube, Vol. 2 (2014)
  • Magical Girl (2015)
  • POP/FUN (2016)
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