Hyundai #SpreadTheWarmth

Hyundai challenged me to spend $3,000 on causes and communities that matter to me. Over the course of 3 days, we organized a clothing drive, food drive, and took a Syrian family sightseeing. The [...]


For this campaign, I was challenged to cover a song by a Canadian artist. Of course I had to pick our Carly Rae Jepsen, our Canadian queen of pop music.

Italian Cooking Class with Loblaws

I had the opportunity to attend a cooking class with Chef Massimo Bruno. The menu featured authentic Italian ingredients certified by the Italian Trade Commission and available at your local [...]


Please contact us for any inquiries or use the contact form located on this site. Prices are listed in USD. Orders & Shipping All orders are shipped out within a week or less from the time of [...]

To promote awareness of the Netflix Download Station in Ontario, we teamed up with Netflix to produce a guide to the perfect cottage weekend.

Coppertone Sport

We teamed up with Coppertone Sport to travel to The Bahamas to talk about sun safety and beach essentials for summer travel. Agency: Veritas Communications Editor: Andrew Gunadie

A&W All-Day Breakfast

To celebrate the launch of all-day breakfast in Canada, A&W sent us on a roadtrip through Georgian Bay ending with breakfast for dinner. Agency: Rethink Canada Editor: Andrew Gunadie