Konkai (This Time) 今回 ft. HetareBBoy

Konkai (This Time) 今回 by gunnarolla ft. HetareBBoy Lyrics (English/Japanese) I’m sorry for the things I said I wish you could see how much I mean it 今回 And I’m sorry for the things I [...]

Have Yourself a Very Gay Christmas

Today’s #badidea is to sing a song without knowing all the lyrics. I think I got 5% but let’s be honest: how many of the lyrics did you know? Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Magical Girl: One Year Later

It’s the one year anniversary of Magical Girl, my album inspired by love, travel, and a magical girl. Let’s take a look back on what you had to say about one of my favourite releases [...]


I’ve released a new album of instrumental music inspired by my recent travels through the Mediterranean. The tracks may be familiar to my YouTube audience, as they were featured in my [...]


Five years ago, I made the decision to quit my job so that I could take control of my time, focus on my art, and see more of the world. It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s always [...]

Vancouver: No Fun City

One year ago today, I teamed up with the guys at IFHT Films to produce a music video about Vancouver, aka No Fun City. Matt & Jason are super funny and incredibly talented filmmakers and [...]

Pizza Is Great In Any Shape!

I love food, and a few years ago, I noticed that many of the best kind come in circular form. So I wrote a song about it, which eventually evolved into a series of songs dedicated to foods of [...]

You Wrote the Lyrics

We’re gearing up for the release of POP/FUN by taking a look back at some gunnarolla classics. I have some of the most creative viewers on YouTube. They’re artists, dancers, [...]

GameChanger (ft. Yours Truly)

An Asian-American empowerment anthem, produced by gunnarolla with a dance performed by Yours Truly Available on the Voices of Our Vote album and POP/FUN (forthcoming) Voices Of Our Vote: [...]

The Last Recorder

Goodbye, my friend. It’s time to move on. See also: 5 Incredibly Turnt Recorder Solos The end of an era. The end of the recorder. #TheLastRecorder  

5 Incredibly Turnt Recorder Solos

The recorder. What was once an instrument of torture in grade school has now become an integral – and iconic – addition to any gunnarolla work. It started out innocently enough, [...]

How Does Music Make You Feel? #GotMeLike

Summer’s here and it’s time to bust out the tunes! I’m a fan of the “At a 90’s School Dance” playlist on Google Play. Have a listen and make a video showing me [...]

Songs About Canada

From ‘Canadian, Please’ to ‘Canadian Foods’ let’s celebrate Canada through song.

The Best Cartoon Themes Ever

Does anything conjure more nostalgia than your favourite cartoon theme song? Here are two medley mashups that I’ve put together, performed in real-time on the Yamaha Electone ELX-1. Here’s one [...]