I used to think that setting new year’s resolutions was a stupid idea. “Why set yourself up for failure?” I’d tell everyone.

Some people make vision boards; I make public declarations on my YouTube channel.

Well, now that I’m older and a little less cynical, I’ve come to realize that it’s actually a good idea to set goals and resolutions to keep yourself on track. Also: I have no boss and all the free time in the world, so it’s really important to have some kind of manual to consult throughout the year. I’ve decided to share my list so that, at the very least, my audience will shame me into completing my goals. Speak things into existence, folks: it works.

I set a pretty ambitious list on January 1, 2016 and looking at it now, I’m actually pretty impressed with what I’ve managed to accomplish so far! We’re now in the last quarter of the year, so I’ve got 3 months to make my dreams come true. Can I do it? Check back on January 1, 2017 and I’ll let you know…

  1. Look hot in 4K – I got a haircut. Does that count for anything? Anyway, all of my content is shot in 4K now.
  2. Visit a new country & travel just as much as I did this last year – Spain and Portugal were new. And although I had technically already been to Taiwan and Singapore in the past, I got to explore them more in-depth. Great countries, great trips.
  3. Read more books, or maybe just re-read all the cultural theory books I bought in University – Sort of. I most recently picked up Trainwreck by Sady Doyle – a must-read if you’re interested in media, celebrity, and feminism.
  4. Stop assuming that I understand an article after only reading half of it – I am much more conscious of this.
  5. Have a famous friend – Nothing to report here. YET.
  6. Learn to play the guitar – Nope.
  7. Stop wearing graphic tees unless I’m (or a friend is) selling ‘em – I was good about this until I realized that I was only ever wearing black. So I’ve loosened up on this rule and guess what? We’ll even have our own line of t-shirts in our new online store.
  8. Be the same critical thinker that I am, but in a way that is less angry and more fun~  you can be the judge of that one.
  9. Make content that is a little more meaningful – getting there.
  10. Plan content around API Month in May – I was travelling during May so I didn’t get to do much here, but I did host a really cool panel at VidCon on API representation on YouTube. I also contributed a new track to the #MyAAPIVote album.
  11. Assemble an artsy hipster socially-conscious travel #squad to go on adventures with – Kinda? I made a really good close group of (hot) friends on my last Contiki (videos coming soon).
  12. Experience Lunar New Year in Asia – I made it happen with Tastemade!
  13. Make more friends – see #11
  14. Become a contributor on a global platform that isn’t YouTube – well, I turned down the opportunity to host a travel series on a major platform and time will tell if that was a wise decision. But things are going well with Tastemade, so hopefully this is the start of things to come!
  15. Weekly videoblog – I had to drop this idea because my YouTube channels are just fucked right now.
  16. Release another album and also stop announcing things before they’re finished – *Britney “you’ll just have to wait and see” GIF ;D
  17. Get my other major accounts verified so I have more control over them – Spotify ✓ Instagram ✓
  18. FIND REAL LOVE, AND FAILING THAT, BUY A HOUSE – I’ve got 3 months left, let’s go.
  19. See one film a week – NOT HAPPENING. I TRIED. I CAN’T.
  20. Stop engaging with people who don’t get it, and stay close to people who do – I guess? Kinda?

So there you go! Things have happened and things are happening. I’m staying positive. How are you doing with your list?

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  • Jen

    ooh i have Trainwreck on hold!! what did you think of it?

    • gunnarolla

      It’s so good! I’m really disgusted with how we treat women in the public eye (let alone in general) and it’s actually encouraged me to rethink some of my own opinions when it comes to female celebrities.

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