In my 10 years on YouTube, I’ve had to deal with my fair share of negative comments. To survive in this industry, you really have to learn how to separate inane hate comments from valid critique, and develop techniques to deal with all of them.

Where we would normally be instructed to “ignore the haters” I treat racism differently, regardless of the viewer’s motivation for leaving those comments. The racism that I’ve dealt with over the years has covered the entire spectrum, from casual microaggressions to full-blown threats and slurs.

While I don’t address every single racist comment that I get, a few of them lend themselves to teachable moments – opportunities to critique, unpack, subvert, and entertain, if I’m lucky.

Feeding the trolls or educating the masses? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Bonus: I was criticized for being a “bad Indonesian” for this video. We’ll come back to it.

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  • Tia

    It’s not a bad thing to be a minority, but the worst thing is to be someone who always ask “What if?” in the rest of your life. In fact, Indonesia nowadays still facing discrimination, especially in matters of race and religion and sometimes I also discriminated against by the majority too. The point is, just be yourself and be a good citizen, because it’s better to hit by hailstones in your own country rather than bathed in gold in other country.
    Sorry for my bad grammar because i’m an Asian too, specifically an Indonesian. Hope you can understand what i mean. Peace! ✌

    P.S.: your grandma looks happy when she met you!

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