An ambitious collection of 22 songs, all produced within a 5 month period. Accompanying music videos were released across two years.

Song topics ranged from food to catchphrases, and even included a tribute to the world’s most hated font, Comic Sans – an anthem that would prove to be the most popular of this collection.

#22songs was my first real effort to produce and experiment consistently with music and video production, which in turn encouraged me to push the limits of my own creativity: “The Chicken Told Me I Was Gay” was written using viewer submissions while “Substitute” was produced corpus exquis style, with footage provided by viewers. “Told Me” marked my first foray into more serious lyric writing.

#22songs will have a special place in my heart (and fans’ as well) – not only was it an exercise in creativity and production, but a challenge of quantity over quality, marking my transition from part-time to full-time creative. Despite some frustration along the way, this collection yielded some of my most memorable hits.

Production & Lyrics: Andrew Gunadie

“The Comic Sans Song” Technical & Credits:

Shot on Canon T2i
Edited with Final Cut Pro
Production & Lyrics: Andrew Gunadie
Camera (Melbourne): Ralph Lim
Motion Graphics: Aaron Van Domelen
Editing: Andrew Gunadie
Featuring a rap by Andrew Huang

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