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A series in which we take Canadian teens on their ultimate thrill – ranging from helicopter and race car rides, to white-water rafting excursions, the CN Tower EdgeWalk, and even a ghost-hunting session.

Although my primary role was host & influencer, I had an active role in the production as well, bringing on two of my colleagues (Gloria Chik & David Schuurman) to help produce and shoot the series, while I served as editor.

In collaboration with two agencies and the brand, we conceived, planned, executed, and packaged each adventure. It was a great learning experience and very cool campaign to be a part of: our winners were all great, and I think they appreciated the chance to have the experience of a lifetime.


6 episodes, 15 and 30 second cutdowns, and supporting social content (YouTube shoutouts, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook posts).


Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro


Brand: Kellogg’s Canada
Agencies: VML, Fullscreen
Producer: Gloria Chik
Camera: David Schuurman
Editing: Andrew Gunadie

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