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The philosophy behind everything that I create.

I am definitely one of those people who worry a lot. But I got tired of sitting around and waiting for something to happen – so I started travelling. On tour, in groups, and sometimes alone. I rarely turn down an opportunity to get out there – to see the world, and to meet new people. When you take that step back, you gain a much different perspective on life. The places that you go and the people that you meet along the way will change you for the better. And that’s why I love to travel.

So I’m starting a movement. It’s nothing new but consider it a reminder: to live in the moment, to appreciate the moment. To stop worrying and doubting and to trust that some of the best times of your life are going to be made in the moment. You’ll surprise yourself with what happens – and I’m excited to share more of my moments with you.

Featuring “Magic” off my album “Magical Girl”

Editing: Andrew Gunadie

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