Introducing the newest, cuddliest member of the gunnarolla family… Teddyrolla! Celebrate Valentine’s Day with this limited edition gift set. There are only 15 available, so scoop one up today!

Set includes:
♥ 1 limited edition Teddyrolla with adoption certificate
♥ 1 “S MY D” enamel pin
♥ 4 Valentines for your friends & lovers (blank)
♥ 1 Valentine from gunnarolla
♥ Worldwide shipping included

To ensure delivery by February 14, we recommend placing your order by January 31, 2018.

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Teddyrolla is a plush toy measuring approximately 5″ standing. There are currently only 15 available.

Pins measure 1 inch in width, using a hard enamel technique with a pink glitter fill,  gold finish and butterfly clasp backing.

Cards measure 4.25″x5.5″ featuring 4 different full colour designs with black & white fill-in-the-blank backing. Designs include “S MY D”, “L MY C”, “P MY V” & “F MY A”.