Meghan Tonjes and I have created the #NotMyYouTube tag, a chance for creators to share and discuss their thoughts on success, regrets, and the challenges that they’ve faced with the YouTube platform. Google, do you hear me?

1. How do you find out about new videos?
2. What’s a feature of the site you miss?
3. What’s your least favorite trend on YouTube?
4. What’s the most drastic thing you’ve done to get views/subs?
5. Do you have any regrets on YouTube? (Content, strategy, personal)
6. How has your channel changed since one year ago?
7. What do you do to support your favorite creators?
8. How do you define success?
9. Are you happy?
10. Why do you to YouTube and how long do you think you’ll keep doing it?
11. Has YouTube made your life better or worse?

Feel free to record your own response!

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  • jackcheeseinstead

    Why is it called #notmyyoutube? Seems more like #myyoutubeexperience.

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