Georgian Bay: Breakfast for Dinner

A&W sent us on a fun trip through Tobermory & Georgian Bay ending with breakfast for dinner thanks to the fact that they now offer All-Day Breakfast in Canada! This video was sponsored by [...]

Vancouver: No Fun City

One year ago today, I teamed up with the guys at IFHT Films to produce a music video about Vancouver, aka No Fun City. Matt & Jason are super funny and incredibly talented filmmakers and [...]

Pizza Is Great In Any Shape!

I love food, and a few years ago, I noticed that many of the best kind come in circular form. So I wrote a song about it, which eventually evolved into a series of songs dedicated to foods of [...]

Ontario: 5 Summer Getaway Destinations

Summer’s here, which means longer days and line-ups for patios as most Canadians try to maximize what precious little time we’ll have in the sunshine. If you aren’t into the [...]

Songs About Canada

From ‘Canadian, Please’ to ‘Canadian Foods’ let’s celebrate Canada through song.

Calgary: Best Weekend Ever

It’s no secret that I’ve got a big crush on Alberta. When I was younger, my family would pack up our car and drive out one direction in Canada. Our first of such roadtrips was from [...]

Banff & Jasper: Glacier Adventure

We go on a roadtrip from Banff to Jasper, stopping at the Columbia Icefield to take part in the Glacier Adventure on the Athabasca Glacier. Watch the video above to see the whole adventure! FROM [...]