Things Guys Do In Hotel Rooms Alone

Here are just a few things that all guys do when they’re in their hotel rooms alone. I can’t be the only one elects to raise the dead. Right, guys? If you liked that video, check out [...]

Vancouver: No Fun City

One year ago today, I teamed up with the guys at IFHT Films to produce a music video about Vancouver, aka No Fun City. Matt & Jason are super funny and incredibly talented filmmakers and [...]

The Last Recorder

Goodbye, my friend. It’s time to move on. See also: 5 Incredibly Turnt Recorder Solos The end of an era. The end of the recorder. #TheLastRecorder  

5 Incredibly Turnt Recorder Solos

The recorder. What was once an instrument of torture in grade school has now become an integral – and iconic – addition to any gunnarolla work. It started out innocently enough, [...]