Konkai (This Time) 今回 ft. HetareBBoy

Konkai (This Time) 今回 by gunnarolla ft. HetareBBoy Lyrics (English/Japanese) I’m sorry for the things I said I wish you could see how much I mean it 今回 And I’m sorry for the things I [...]

Have Yourself a Very Gay Christmas

Today’s #badidea is to sing a song without knowing all the lyrics. I think I got 5% but let’s be honest: how many of the lyrics did you know? Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Magical Girl: One Year Later

It’s the one year anniversary of Magical Girl, my album inspired by love, travel, and a magical girl. Let’s take a look back on what you had to say about one of my favourite releases [...]


I’ve released a new album of instrumental music inspired by my recent travels through the Mediterranean. The tracks may be familiar to my YouTube audience, as they were featured in my [...]

The Top 12 Gunnarolla Videos of 2016

We are nearing the end of another year, which means that you can expect to see a ton of year-in-review, best-of listicles and mashups popping up all over the Internet. I thought I’d take [...]


Five years ago, I made the decision to quit my job so that I could take control of my time, focus on my art, and see more of the world. It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s always [...]

Pizza Is Great In Any Shape!

I love food, and a few years ago, I noticed that many of the best kind come in circular form. So I wrote a song about it, which eventually evolved into a series of songs dedicated to foods of [...]

You Wrote the Lyrics

We’re gearing up for the release of POP/FUN by taking a look back at some gunnarolla classics. I have some of the most creative viewers on YouTube. They’re artists, dancers, [...]

The Last Recorder

Goodbye, my friend. It’s time to move on. See also: 5 Incredibly Turnt Recorder Solos The end of an era. The end of the recorder. #TheLastRecorder  

5 Incredibly Turnt Recorder Solos

The recorder. What was once an instrument of torture in grade school has now become an integral – and iconic – addition to any gunnarolla work. It started out innocently enough, [...]

RECAP ROLLA: August 2016

In this new monthly feature, I recap the month in my content and life. August was a month for wrapping up loose ends, and laying the foundation for the future of my content. At the beginning of [...]

How Does Music Make You Feel? #GotMeLike

Summer’s here and it’s time to bust out the tunes! I’m a fan of the “At a 90’s School Dance” playlist on Google Play. Have a listen and make a video showing me [...]

The Best Cartoon Themes Ever

Does anything conjure more nostalgia than your favourite cartoon theme song? Here are two medley mashups that I’ve put together, performed in real-time on the Yamaha Electone ELX-1. Here’s one [...]