Georgian Bay: Breakfast for Dinner

A&W sent us on a fun trip through Tobermory & Georgian Bay ending with breakfast for dinner thanks to the fact that they now offer All-Day Breakfast in Canada! This video was sponsored by [...]

Songkran: Thailand’s Most Epic Water Fight

Water. It’s one of the most important resources that we have. For the people of Thailand, water symbolizes life, purity, calm. It’s cleansing, it’s nourishing, and it’s an integral part of [...]

Greetings from Asia

Spring is here and I’ve suddenly found myself in Asia for two big annual events that I’ve never experienced before: the cherry blossom festivals in Japan, and Songkran aka Thai New [...]

The Stuff You Didn’t Get To See: Moncton

Travelling solo and trying to document the experience is nothing new for me – but for the first time, I’m giving you a behind-the-scenes peek into what that process is like! Here are [...]


I’ve released a new album of instrumental music inspired by my recent travels through the Mediterranean. The tracks may be familiar to my YouTube audience, as they were featured in my [...]