When it comes to hotel locations, I’m generally a fan of staying downtown. I don’t like dealing with a car when I’m in a new city, and you stumble upon so many more interesting things when you walk.

Of course, there are times when you might not want to stay in the core, like if you have an early flight to catch. Racing to get to and through an airport is at the top of my list of most hated activities, so the easier I can make it for myself in the morning, the better! It’s also economical: the further away you stay from the city centre, the less expensive the accommodations.

I don’t associate “airport hotel” with anything particularly glamourous or even nice – they’re spaces for people to crash in-between destinations. However, my most recent stay at The Westin Bristol Place Toronto has definitely changed my opinion on this. It’s got everything you’d expect from a Marriott-Starwood & Westin hotel: clean, fresh and geared toward the active, health-conscious traveller, with white tea bath products and that familiar Westin scent. The room I stayed in was recently updated, and I think it’s one of the first hotels I’ve stayed at that had beautiful hardwood flooring.

It was a great place to stay before my flight (plus: free airport shuttle every 30 mins and long-term parking at a fee) and I actually might consider staying here next time I’m in town, as the cost of staying in Toronto is only getting higher. Really, it’s not that far from Downtown Toronto (if you travel off peak hours ;)) and Mississauga is just a highway away.

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