Blue Mountain: Paradise in Ontario

Guess what? I’ve found paradise, and it just happens to be 2-3 hours outside of Toronto in Blue Mountain.

Located in northern Ontario and backing out onto Georgian Bay, the Blue Mountain Resort and Village is an awesome roadtrip destination if you’re looking for some fun and relaxation.

I was familiar with Blue Mountain as a snow destination, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there are just as many activities to do in the summer months.

Best of all? You can rely on TELUS extensive network coverage to stay connected during your getaway. Don’t be afraid to post those Instagram photos to make all your friends jealous – I sure wasn’t 😉

Check out all the details about our adventure below, and start planning your trip! There’s something for everyone at Blue Mountain, all year round!

Refresh at Westin Trillium House

I’m a fan of Starwood Hotels for a reason, and Westin Trillium House definitely lives up to the standard. It’s a beautiful resort hotel that is perfectly situated across the pond (literally!) from Blue Mountain Village.

Westin is a health-conscious brand, so you’ll also find a great fitness centre and outdoor pool on the property, along with morning guided runs, hiking, and other activities.

We stayed in a two-bedroom loft that would be perfect for families or friends that might appreciate some space after a long day.

Good morning indeed. Thanks for setting us up @westin 🍳✨ #spglife

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Indulge with O&B

The Oliver & Bonacini Café Grill is located on the first floor of the Westin and while there are many options for food in the village, you’ll want to try the Belgian Waffle for breakfast. It changed my life. (And it was so good, I had it twice… shh!)

O&B also has some late-night specials on certain weekdays. They offered $2 tacos on the day we were there – and if they keep that up, I’ll never leave!

Friendly service, great atmosphere.

Get active up and down the mountain!

There are tons of activities for children and adults alike, from mini golf to rock climbing to ziplining. A gondola will take you up and down the mountain, and bike rentals are available if you’re feeling more adventurous. Blue Mountain is a great place to get active!

Of special note are the APEX Bag Jump (which is exactly like it sounds – you jump off a ledge onto a giant inflated bag) and the Ridge Runner, which zips you through the mountain at speeds that you control.

We only scratched the surface of activities to do, so visit their website for more info.

Got my GoPro on, ready to tackle the Ridge Runner up and down Blue Mountain. Stay tuned!

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Gruesome sea creature spotted in Georgian Bay 🐲 #MadeInTheMoment #discoverON

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Hit the beach

Just 10 minutes away from the resort is a private beach where you can lounge, play volleyball, or get out into very shallow and clean water! Canoe, kayak, and paddleboard rentals are available, so you could definitely spend a half of even full day here.

It’s also a great photo spot. Who knew that something like this was just 2-3 hours outside of Toronto?

We’ve only just begun

There is a ton more to do in and around Blue Mountain. I’ve travelled across Canada and I have to say that this is one of my new favourite vacation spots! I was really impressed with the layout of the resort, the range of activities, and those Instagrammable views! If you live in the GTA & surrounding area, Blue Mountain is a great roadtrip destination that’s far enough to get away, but close enough that you’re still connected. 

I have fond memories of Georgian Bay – my family used to go camping near Tobermory – being back here and staying at an awesome hotel and eating whatever I wanted (we could have singlehandedly kept the Beavertails stand in business, not that they need our help), it felt like an big kid’s vacation. It’s the perfect roadtrip from Toronto with a friend, significant other, or even family.

I had a great time and I’m looking forward to heading back one day – I’ve heard great things about the Scandinave Spa and I’d love to try skiing. Given the fact that I made the drive up twice in one week, I’d say that it’s very likely that I’ll be back soon 😉

A huge thanks to Blue Mountain Resort, Westin Trillium House, and TELUS for making this trip possible.

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What’s your summer getaway destination? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • #BabyDylan (@djbystedt)

    Personally, I’m a big fan of Vancouver! There’s always so much to do and get lost in. It’s not too warm. And Davies Street provides all of the night time fun you could want!

  • Brandi Wilson

    Blue Mountain is beautiful in the summer! I went last year with my mom and went on a cave adventure/hike and the ziplined 1000 ft down. Love it there! Also stopped in Creemore on the way back for some Ontario beer!
    I haven’t had the chance to travel Canada much (future plans!) due to school, but my favourite place in Ontario is Niagara falls. I love going with friends and family. I’ve done wine tours, played at the arcades, visited their Winter Festival of lights, gone on carriage rides, gambled a little, watched shows, and seen their Canada day fireworks. All in addition to the Falls and associated attractions. It brings me closer to all my friends and family every time we go. Major nostalgia!

  • Brock

    I just came back from a trip to Sandbanks and Wellington in Prince Edward County. So nice out there.

  • Erin Heather (@ErinMcMom)

    My favourite summer getaway spot is Algonquin Park. There are lots of great cabins and resorts to rent nearby and the hiking trails are absolutely beautiful.

  • Bettina Sta. Ana

    Love the new layout of your website, and the video! Looks like so much fun!! Hands down I would say my favourite summer getaway is either Banff/Lake Louise/Kelowna/Quebec!! It’s too hard to choose just one, haha… but the nature in AB/BC is beautiful and well, the food and culture in Quebec is amazing! I’ve only been to Toronto once, so I might have to check it out in the future!

  • Dru Chan

    Best summer spot getaway is Whistler, BC. During the winter it is packed with people for the snow adventures, but during the summer, there are tons of activities from hiking to camping.
    And it is literally a short drive away from one of the best hiking trails within BC, Brandywine Falls.
    Whistler is famous for those great summer times with friends for a weekend get away from the busy city and go do some adventure. Best for mountain biking as well 🙂

  • Reply

    I love heading up to Tremblant for summer hikes, or to Hamilton to catch some waterfalls!

  • Julie D

    My favourite getaway place is also Mont Tremblant. Plenty to do, beautiful views, and a great place to enjoy outdoor activities with the family.

  • Kaell Steers

    My favourite summer getaway spot in Canada has to be in Sudbury, Ontario. It has awesome lakes, relaxing cottage life, and Science North.

  • Amy Heffernan

    My favorite summer getaway spot in canada is a little place called Northern Bay Sands in Newfoundland Canada. It is amazing with sand and sun!

  • Reply

    I now live in downtown toronto but every winter season, I take a week off to go visit Morin-Heights ski resorts in Quebec. I’m a ski fanaric so Saint-Sauveur and Morin-Heights are my go to place for my skiing fix! 😀

  • Kelly D

    Our favourite summer getaway spot is on the shores of Lake Erie in Ontario. Beachy, friendly vibe!

  • Tiffany Ip

    Lake Louise and Vancouver, beautiful places. I usually just like to sight-see towns.

  • Elyxandra (@elyxandra)

    My favourite getaway in Ontario is Bruce Peninsula National Park, also located in Georgian Bay. Swimming in the clear waters at the grotto is like being in the Caribbean (just not as warm). It’s the perfect activity for a hot day!

  • beccathelitwitch

    I agree that Collingwood is such a wonderful getaway spot, no matter the season. Walking through the Blue Mountain village is one of my favourite things to do! Other than that, though, I also enjoy cottaging in Parry Sound and the surrounding area – it’s a nice place to write!

  • Bailey Dexter

    Our family loves the Algonquin Park, there is so much nature scenery to take in that you never see it all. Perfect for camping!

  • Jamie Cheung

    One of my favourite summer getaway places is Tobermory, Ontario! The crystal clear waters are to die for, and the grotto is such a great place to explore.

  • Phil King (@PJay83)

    This summer for the first time I made a stop in Osoyoos, BC on the way back home to Vancouver and found it a beautiful and charming city. Its location in interior BC gives it hot, sunny weather in the summer and conveniently there’s a gorgeous lake to take a dip in surrounded by scenic mountains. Also, there are wineries nearby to wet your whistle 🙂

  • Jacqueline @jacquielinn

    Hands down Kimberely, BC.
    This mountain top hide away town is so picturesque you won’t want to leave. The people are inviting but it is the peace and tranquility that will keep you there, not to mention the unpolished fresh mountain air. Worth the drive and adventure.

  • Hamza Sayed-Ali

    My favourite place to go when the weather gets hot are the many beaches along lake Erie, especially Colchester. They’re a great place to spend hot sunny days and provide a thrilling experience of swimming in the bacteria infested waters. 10/10 would recommend.

  • Jason Zheng

    My favourite summer getaway has to be exploring Hamilton and hiking around its waterfalls. There’s always a sense of serenity where we can peacefully relax our minds from the busy city. A simple drive can clear the head and allow for an exciting adventure just outside of Toronto!

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