On Day 7 of Eastern Road, we made a quick stop in Bratislava, Slovakia to grab lunch. After that, we were on our way to Budapest.

Contiki Eastern Road: Day 7 & 8

After a very long drive we arrived in Budapest – or Buda and Pest, two different cities rolled into one. Budapest, like many other cities in Eastern Europe, is often described as “Paris of the East” – if you spend any amount of time exploring its culture and architecture, it’s easy to see why.

Beautiful people at the beautiful Danube River in Budapest #easternroad #contiki #FollowAmie

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We then made our way to the river, for a cruise, buffet, and to see the city at night.

Luckily for us, the date of our Budapest visit happened to coincide with SPARTY – Budapest’s famed bath parties. And what party it was!

We also played the underwater selfie game – it’s a lot harder than it looks in commercials.

We had a fun night of sightseeing, good food, and swimming around in who knows what. But, as expected on this trip- we’d have to wake up in a couple hours for a tour of Parliament – and somehow, I did manage to get out of bed the morning.

Grand Budapest Parliament Building #easternroad #contiki

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Inspired by the Palace of Westminster in the UK, the Hungarian Parliament Building is the largest and tallest building in Budapest. It’s very ornate,  adorned with half a million precious stones, and 40 kg (that’s 88 lbs) of gold.

That night, we went to a ruinpubRuinpubs are well known in Budapest. They’re converted from old abandoned buildings and often contain whatever relics were originally there. I love urban exploration and good conversation with good people – so this was definitely a great find.

Rub a dub dub, #contiki travellers in a tub #easternroad

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Watch the video to see the whole adventure!

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