In this first episode of Contiki Egypt & The Nile, we explore Cairo and visit two of the wonders of the world: the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx.

Contiki Egypt & The Nile: Day 1 & 2

The following are notes from my travel journal.

We arrived in Cairo and Contiki had arranged for someone to help us with our visas and bring us to the hotel. As we were leaving the airport, I saw someone holding a sign that said “gunnarolla” which was so confusing because someone had already picked us up. Turns out one of my viewers, Karim, came to greet us at the airport. I was so shocked that I didn’t think to take video – I told him I’d love to meet up with him the next day. It was just the most amazing welcome.

Most amazing & unexpected welcome #fanarollas #CAI

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Cairo at night actually reminded me of Bangkok, Jakarta – it had this kind of big city, street vendors, cars everywhere kind of feeling. Like, “this is not going to be scary, it’s not going to feel like a foreign country” – until we got to the elevator.

We weren’t meeting with the group until 7pm on the next day so Karim took us out for lunch to a restaurant called Felfela

I love food – Middle Eastern food is way up there. I used to eat shawarma and falafel every day in high school. Grape leaves are one of my absolute favourites. They had some other items I had never seen, like pigeon – was curious to try, figured I shouldn’t do anything risky at beginning of trip. But I did get to try something new.

Feast #mycontiki #noregrets

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We met up with the group that evening – and our tour guide, the legendary Sherif. This man has 15 years experience – if we ever had a question he could answer it. He was great at telling us at all times where we needed to be. And he was fun. There were just over 30 people on the tour. Everyone had their own reasons for being there.

We got to know each other over dinner that night. Got to see more of Cairo which really is a 24 hour city.

The next morning we went to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. I wasn’t allowed to bring a camera inside, but I did get some footage outside. It was incredible, the amnt of statues and artifacts, mummies, the contents of King Tut’s tomb were just like, chilling in this space.

And then we were on our way to the pyramids, selfie sticks in hand. Not gonna lie I was a little self-conscious because the Egyptians were straight up laughing at how ridiculous we looked.

And then it finally came time to ride the camels.

Please put this in the brochure. #mycontiki #noregrets

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I was the first one to get on a camel, but the last one to actually move – but once we got going, it was pretty epic.After that we got to visit the Sphinx – which along with the Pyramids of Giza are one of the Seven Wonders of the World. 

Sphinx #mycontiki

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Watch the video above to see the whole adventure!

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