Our Egyptian adventure concludes in Hurghada, a beach resort town bordering the Red Sea.

Contiki Egypt & The Nile: Day 9 & 10

The following are notes from my travel journal.

Last stop on the tour was Hurghada. The days on this trip felt long because we did so much but at the same time, the trip itself was way too short, and I couldn’t believe that we were already done.

I had previously mentioned how few tourists there were where ever we went in Egypt, well as it turns out, it’s because they’re all in Hurghada. Hurghada is the third largest city in Egypt and one of the major tourist centers, you could tell by the lights, and the shops driving in, and the resort hotel where we stayed, right on the coast of the Red Sea.

Hurghada, or, How I Spent My Friday Morning #mycontiki #egypt

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It was officially our last night all together as a group so we had a barbeque dinner, with live music – that we provided. And given that it was our last night all together, we decided to let loose… but we can skip over the exact details of the night. (We got messy.)

Of course we ended up at McDonald’s. I was very excited though, because I had been waiting the whole trip to try something new and exotic. Sherif told us we were going to have camel burgers. So I bit right into that. And I finished it. And I loved it.

I got on the bus next day and I told everyone that we ate camel and no one believed me. And of course when I looked up the ingredients of the McArabia, turns out it was just chicken. Thanks, Sherif.

Wish you were here #mycontiki #hurghada #egypt

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The next morning we had the option of riding ATV’s through the desert or going on a cruise on the Red Sea. I was so excited to capture the sunrise from my hotel balcony and go on an epic adventure. Except that I woke up at noon, so I didn’t get to do any of that stuff.

We packed up and got on the bus and were headed back to Cairo.

Driving through the desert #mycontiki #egypt

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The drive through the desert was pretty long, but it was the perfect opportunity to reflect on what an incredible experience this was. Some people have waited their whole lives to visit Egypt. Everyone had a different reason for being there and I don’t think anyone was disappointed. I think a lot of us were surprised, and it just goes to show – you’ve gotta get out there and see the world because you never know what you’ll find – whether it’s a cultural surprise or just amazing people. And this trip had both.

One big happy @contiki family! #mycontiki #egypt #selfiestick

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Watch the video above to see the whole adventure!

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