On Day 5 of our Eastern European tour we made a stop at a rather unique chapel in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic. Also known as the Church of Bones, The Sedlec Ossuary is home to more than 40,000 human skeletal remains.

A chandelier made of real human skulls and bones. #homedecorinspiration (Kutna Hora, Czech Republic) #easternroad

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Contiki Eastern Road: Day 5 & 6

Welcome to Vienna, Austria – the city of music, wiener schnitzel, Viennese coffee and of course… SCHNAPPS.

During our visit to the Old Vienna Schnaps Museum, we learned about the different types of schnaps – including absinthe. The second part of our tour was of course… a tasting.

After the Schnaps Museum, we were dropped off at an amusement park – because where else would you want to be after consuming absinthe? I was super excited to go on two of my favourite rides – the bumper cars and the haunted house

The next day, we went on a walking tour of Vienna’s Ring Road. Vienna is home to some stunning art and architecture – seen in its many palaces, cathedrals, parliament buildings, and memorials.

Austrian Parliament Building #easternroad #contiki #vienna

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We capped off our afternoon with a stop at the Manner store – my favourite chocolate wafer – and a visit to the St. Stephen’s cathedral.

For lunch, we walked to the Naschmarkt, Vienna’s best-known market with over 100 stands. There is something for everyone here – delicious and fresh foods, as well as accessories and clothing. The market also has a variety of restaurants and it was here that got our first taste of wiener schnitzel. After lunch, we found a Viennese coffee shop nearby.

Schokoccino, Melon-Mint lemonade & Wiener Trio #easternroad #noregrets #contiki

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After a very filling afternoon, we were off to see the orchestra. Vienna is the European capital of classical music, so it was only fitting that we’d see a performance there. There was just one little problem. I fell asleep.

No disrespect to the performers – I’ll blame the fact that I fell asleep on a combination of too much food, wine, and dim lighting.

Orchestra in Vienna. I may have fallen asleep. #BlameItOnTheSchnitzel #easternroad

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