Not a fan of tofu? This place could change your mind. Let’s head out to Lembang, a region just under an hour drive outside of the city of Bandung in Indonesia.

Tucked away through an inconspicuous alley, you’ll find Dapur Tauhid, which translates to Tauhid Kitchen, a spot to buy snacks for dine in or take out. Their feature item Indonesian-style tofu, sold raw or fried fresh on the spot.

The first step involves heating up the oil to nearly 500 degrees Farenheit – which allows the tofu to crispen on the outside, but still maintain a smooth and silky texture on the inside.

After a couple minutes, the tofu is removed from the oil and drained. Each bite is flavourful, an explosion of savoury taste combining a fresh and crunchy exterior with a soft texture inside that almost melts in your mouth. For added flavour,it’s served with a chilli soy sauce and packaged in a weaved bamboo basket, which allows the tofu to aerate.

If you’re not already a fan of tofu, trying it this way could definitely change your mind.

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