Last year, got in touch with me and two of my travel faves (Nadine Sykora and Mike Rizzi) to pick our brains about the millennial generation and the different meanings that hitting the road has for us. Here’s an excerpt from our conversation:

Why is it important for millennials to travel? How does it make us better humans?

Experiences are more important than possessions for our generation. It’s more affordable than ever to fly and we’re constantly on the lookout for cool restaurants and breathtaking landscapes to fill our social feeds and feed our souls! We know way more about the world and the human condition than our parents did, which has taught us to live in the now.

We go on to discuss the important things travel can teach us, delve into issues of race & diversity and how they relate to travel in our modern era, and how I feel travel has transformed me personally.

Take a look at the full interview here. Don’t forget to check out the Quickfire Q&A at the end!

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