My Mediterranean Highlights journey with Contiki ends in Spain: more precisely, Barcelona and Madrid.

This was my fourth Contiki but it was different from the others.

It almost didn’t matter where we were – that we were surrounded by  some of the most stunning and impressive scenery and architecture. This was a trip about people.

People who travel make a very difficult decision to spend their money and their time on something that isn’t permanent. But it’s the relationships that you make, and the food that you eat, and the experiences that you have, the photos and the videos that you take – that are so much more valuable than any possessions. People who travel are looking for a change. And to understand. They’re looking for people who are like them. 

Some viewers have told me that they wished I had told more of a story with this series. But unlike my other trips, this one wasn’t filled with historical facts and didn’t need as much context as, say, Egypt. This trip was more about a feeling, and the best stories were the ones that I couldn’t document. The conversations that we had on the coach, or on a train, or at the hotel at 3am. 

With this series, I was trying to capture a vibe – featuring original music – and show you what you can look forward to seeing if you travel through the Mediterranean with Contiki. It was a little different than what I’ve done in the past, and not as well received, but I have #noregrets about it.

The best part of travel is not the part that I can easily capture with a lens – you just have to get out there and experience it for yourself.

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