It’s the trip that started it all: in November 2013, back before I was a full-blown travel video producer, I was invited by Contiki to participate in a Canadian influencer trip to Thailand, to experience an 11 day adventure that combined the best of two of Contiki’s trips to the land of smiles.

As you know, I’ve become a big fan of Contiki ever since, travelling with them through Eastern Europe and Egypt, and later this year, I’ll debut videos from my recent trip through the Mediterranean. If you’re like me and hate planning but love the social aspect of travel, there is no better way to explore a new country and make incredible, life-long friends than on a Contiki trip.

I just wanted to reach out to invite you on an upcoming media trip that Contiki Holidays is running through beautiful Thailand. From November 16th-28th, we’re taking 13 of Canada’s biggest YouTubers and social media influencers on this epic trip to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Tao and Koh Samui, and we would love for you to be a part of it.

We think you’d be an awesome addition to this trip, joining some already-confirmed attendees: Corey Vidal, Corrado Coia, Tim Deegan, SundayFundayz, Nadine Sykora and Lilly Singh (Superwoman).

Sponsored in part by Tourism Thailand and Air Canada
November 18th-19th: Arrive Bangkok
November 19th-22nd: Chiang Mai
November 23rd-25th: Koh Tao
November 25th-27th: Ko Samui
November 28th: Depart for Canada

Are you up for the trip of a lifetime to Thailand with 12 other incredible content creators?

Check out more videos from the trip below – somehow produced while I was on the trip (note: I would never attempt that now) – and click on the banner below to sign up for your trip! Remember: there are two times in your life… now, and too late #noregrets

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