Day 5 in Tokyo was chance to meet new friends, and connect with some old ones. I announced that I’d have a meet-up, and with Micaela’s help, decided on Yoyogi Park as the location. You may remember it as the place where Lizzie sang an awesome rendition of “Gee” by Girls Generation.

Before heading over to the park, I arranged to meet with Savvy, a Team Andrew fan that we had first met in New York City. She was from Virginia and took a 6 hr bus to see us! I was pretty excited when I learned that she had moved to Kyushu to teach, and would be visiting Tokyo at the same time as me. However, it turned out that she’d be leaving just before the meet-up, so I offered to take her out to lunch. It was the least I could do – she designed a postcard that incorporates Team Andrew elements.

I had some time to kill before meeting her, so I went to the record store to check out the Japanese music scene. I only wish I had known more about Kyary Pamyu Pamyu at the time. I ended up seeing her in Toronto with the guys from AsapSCIENCE. I also found a lot of k-pop, which made me happy.

It was at the meet-up that I also re-connected with Kyoka, a viewer that I had met for the first time in LA.   The meet-up was also my first time meeting Claytonian in real-life. We go back to my very first years on YouTube. Pretty wild to connect with so many familiar faces, despite being so far from home!

Biggest fan #TOKYOROLLA

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Everyone warned me that the storm would be intense, but I brushed them off, figuring that at most, we’d just get a few minutes of spitting rain. I was definitely not prepared for a monsoon! I killed my watch, and my shoes, but luckily my GoPro (which I was using without the waterproof casing) escaped relatively unharmed.

On exchange from Finland, met up in Japan. Everyone is here, what are you waiting for?! #TOKYOROLLA #fanarollas

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The next day, Micaela, Brad, checked out of Hotel Unizo and then grabbed lunch at a crepe place just outside of Yoyogi Park. The walk to the train station was pretty brutal – it was really hot and sunny, with very little breeze. I bought a new pair of jeans (hemmed for free) from Uniqlo, since my clothes were still damp from the day before. It might have been a little pointless, since we got drenched with sweat by the time we got to the train.

The flight to Seoul was not without a little drama – but I’ll save those details for my next post.

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