After very dramatic 48 hours in Seoul and nearly missing our flight back to Tokyo, we decided to take things easy for our last few days of the trip.

We met for a late lunch at Uobei, which is not your typical conveyor belt sushi restaurant. Orders are placed on a touchscreen, and arrive via high-speed rail right to your numbered seat. The sushi offered a great value, and I could definitely see myself eating here often.

We then explored Don Quijote (or Donki, as it is also known) for souvenirs. The store, which I would describe as a cross between Target and Spencer’s Gifts, had an eclectic mix of everything: clothes, costumes, food, electronics, housewares, fireworks, and even sex toys. It was similar to Tokyu Hands, also located in Shibuya, which we visited the next day.

We returned to Harajuku, this time on a weekend. It was much busier than the first time we went. I actually found a place that had a maple bacon doughnut!

Our last dinner together as a group was at Gyu-Kaku, for yakiniku BBQ. I had actually been to a Gyu-Kaku in Vancouver, the last time Micaela visited.

I was set to shoot with HetareBboy on my last night in Tokyo, but due to a rainstorm, I was afraid that we wouldn’t get together. Luckily, the storm cleared and we were able to meet up that night. We found some great locations by chance (especially that elevator at Tower Records) and despite the fact that we had never worked together, the video turned out better than I could ever have imagined.

We grabbed dinner at a traditional ramen place near Shibuya Crossing. You place your order at a vending machine, and hand the ticket over to the staff. Very efficient!

‘Serendipitous’ is a term that came up quite frequently during our trip. I had booked my tickets last minute, and done very little research before going, but everything worked out. I do owe a lot of that to Micaela – she booked our hotels and flights beforehand, arranged the visit to YouTube Space Tokyo, and had good knowledge of spots to visit in Shibuya and Harajuku. But a lot of other wonderful things, from meeting familiar viewers (like Kyoka, Savvy, and Amanda) to connecting with HetareBBoy and shooting the video for Konkai 今回 (This Time) really could not have been planned.

We didn’t spend a lot of time sight-seeing, but I don’t think that was the purpose of this particular trip. We learned a lot about each other, and the dynamic between three people (two of whom did not know each other before the trip) when travelling. I’d love to head back to Japan and Korea for further exploration, and to work on more A-POP!

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